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Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus Product Range
Carbon Sulphur Determination Apparatus Glass Part
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Cat No. Details Price(Rs Per/Each) Price($ Per/Each)
320A Absorption Vessel with three Values - -
320B Carbon Burettes Double Walled Inner Tube Permanently Graduated, with one valve at the top of the Burettes.
Size 1.5%
Size 4.5%


320C Sulphur Burettes 4ml with Automatic Zero three way stop cork at the bottom - -
320D Stop Cork three way T - shaped - -
320E Stop Cork L - shaped - -
320F Spiral Cooling Condenser - -
320G Automatic Pipettom 10ml = 15ml - -
320H Aspirator Bottle for Carbon Buretter 800ml tall From - -
320I Gas Bubbler - -

Description :

Carbon & Sulphur apparatus features mechanisation of the absorption procedure with the help of compressed air from specially designed diaphragm pump. This is quicker and more easy operation since the levelling bottle is not operated by hand or rubber bellow but by a specially design air shutter. Mounting of glass parts are on a adjustable stand. All the components are easily replaceable.


Most compact design
Occupies less space in the lab
Light in weight.

Absorption vessel is of a simple design and replacement of solution is very easy. All models of Carbon & Sulphur apparatus enable to determine the carbon contents in less than 5 minutes including weighing the sample in series operation which allows to check the hot raw material during operation before tapping, rolling or forging.





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