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Quartz Glass Apparatus Product Range
WDU-2000 Water Distillation Apparatus
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WDU-2000 Distillation Apparatus units are made from low expansion boosilicate glass tubing.The most sensitive part od the unit is the heater which is made fro Fusd Quartz glass tubes. Housing a property of very high temperature resistance, Borosiicate glass is neutral in its nature produces high purity of distilled water from these units.

Description of Apparatus:

These units consists of main boiler, A buil-in heater enclosed in Quartz glass tube. Housing auto water level adjuster, Bottom outlet for cleaning waste discharge which is fitted with Teflon screw cap valve. A coil condenser fitted on top for condensing vapours. The whole unit is mounted on epoxy coate metal box stand and covered with acrylic sheet cover fo protection.

Power supply unit isinbuilt no extra attachment is reqired. Housing sturdy anuate on continue basis.

Direction for using
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1. First connect the side armconnector/ PVC tube fordistilled water.
2. Divide the given PVC pipe into two parts according to your requirement i.e.inlet & outlet pipes. Then start water supply to inlet.
3. Switch on power.
4. Unit wil start automatically when the water level is complete in the boiler.
5. There should be any disturbance/ obstacle in outlet pipe so that the water should go smoothly e.g. outlet pipe should not be crushed & should not go above the outlet level.

Direction for washing
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1. Boiling cylinde must be in cold condition or luke warm.
2. Stop the water supply.
3. There should be approximately half of the water retained in the boiling cylinder.
4. Unit wil start automatically when the water level is complete in the boiler.
5. Put the washing liquid (Mild Hydrochloric Acid) into Washing Cup. Add some clean water into it & then start water supply.
6. Open the Drain valve after cleaning the dust. Drain the water 1 or 2 times after completing the water level.

Main Features
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Unbeleivable short warm up time of 9 to 10 minutes.
A considerable saving of electrical energy in every start.
2. Remarkably low cooling water consumption.
3. Convenient bottom drain for easy drainage as accumulated solids impair the efficiency, cleaning is also possible. Provision for adding chemical/cleaning liquid.
4. Distilled water in cold condition.
5. Automatic start, cut-off & re-start in synchrony with water pressure/opening by electronic circuit.
6. WDU-2000 Model having Acrylic Cover to protect from dust.
7. Minimum guaranteed output 1.2 litre/hr. under ideal conditions for WDU-2000 (Vertical Type) output 1.5 litre/hr. output in vertical Model and 1.5 litre output in Horizontl Model.
8. Powder coated compact stand with option for wall mounting housing all the parts with protective see through cover havingindicators for Mains, AC ON & Automatic ON/OFF and ON/OFF Switch for Heater.
9. Ready to operate with only power, water connection & drain facilities fro the customer side.
10. One year warranty for electrical parts only.
11. Prices are subject to change without notice.
12. Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction Only.





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